Comet ISON, Blue Star, the Great Pyramid and Project 911

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Comet ISON was “discovered” by a Russian amateur astronomer with a strange name. Artyom Novichonokis. Artyom means Artemis aka Diana “Goddess of witchcraft”; Artemesia Abisinthium is “Wormwood”; a bit odd? ISON is predicted to become brighter than a Full Moon and visible during daylight. It will make its closest approach to the Sun on Hanukkah 2013. Hopi prophecy states Blue Star will arrive at the Day of Purification when Kachina takes his mask off before the Un-initiated and the 5th world emerges; Helena Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society saying that same thing, so it seems we may have a match.

The center candle of the modern Hanukkah Menorah is Shamash “Sun”. Hanukkah is not Jewish, it means Pa Hanok or “House of Enoch”, the pre-flood son of Seth taken to heaven before death; good day for a fake “Rapture”? Hanukkah 2013 also aligns with Thanksgiving, a celebration of native slaughter in the Americas. Feeling like a plump, stuffed Turkey? Turkey is a domesticated Aztec Fowl and Aztecs sacrificed people to the sun god Quetzalcoatl whom Mormons believe to have been Jesus. Oops!

ISON is an Anglo-Saxon, Norman French, Old English derivation of “Joseph” meaning “Adding or Increasing”; ISON is thus “Sons of Joseph”. The Mormon Church claims to be Sons of Joseph and falsely teaches America is not only the original Garden of Eden, but future Zion. ISON is an anagram of “Sion” aka Mt Hermon or “Golan Heights”; the source of the Jordan River. Jordan means “Going down the Dan”; Dan means Judge and is not listed in Revelation 7 as “Saved”. Notice neither Dan nor Ephraim are “Saved” in Revelation 7 because they represent most of the Mormon Church. Water Baptisms do not Save anyone; Baptisms of the Holy Spirit Save everyone. Golan means Vagabond, Hooligan, Gnave or Tramp; Hermon means “Mount of the Chief”; do not fall for the Watcher or Nephilim lie concerning Gen 6; “Giants” are produced by selective breeding not Demon-Human relations. The Mormon Church is derived from Mormo “King of the Ghouls” aka “God of the Living Dead”. They claim Dannite and Ephraimite lineage; neither tribe is “Saved” so get ready for an occult “Baptism” in the Age of Aquarius!

“And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp…”
– Revelation 8:10

Comet means “Long Haired Star”. There are a few good reasons to believe Comet ISON is the prophesied “Wormwood” of Revelation 8:11 and the Hopi Blue Star. Why? God set ISON in motion at Noah’s Flood and adding the 1656 years of the pre-flood to 2 Astronomical “House” precessions from Aries to Pisces to Aquarius of 4320 years plus the age of Legitimacy for a King to assume the throne of 21 as was the case with Sargon the Great and one can see the Earth is roughly 5996 ½ years old. The Great Tribulation is 3 1/2 years.. so do the math.

..we are living according to God’s Timetable not Man’s.

In Chinese, Mormo means “Gates of Hell” as does Babylon “Gate of the gods” The first lie..

“Ye shall be as gods” the lie that leads to Hell. The Mormon Church claims to be the biblical House of Joseph; comet ISON means Sons of Joseph. Ephraim became the moniker for Israel when Joseph gave 1st born rights to him. Ephraim had thus replaced Reuben when he lost 1st born rights due to Sin. Think Cain, Canaan, Harran, Ishmael and Esau here. British=B’Rith-ish or “Birthright Covenant” which is why Mormons of Ephraim are usually White European immigrants whereas Mormons of Manasseh are claimed to be of native origin such as Adena or Hopi, the Welsh ancestors of Britain. Again, in Revelation 7, notice Ephraim is not listed among the “Saved” tribes, nor is Dan which is why Mormon prophets claim Dannite lineage. More proof?

The Great Pyramid

The Ascending and Descending shafts built into the Great Pyramid intersect to form a symbolic continuation below or an ascending climb to the King’s Chamber. Both were used to track Alpha Draconis in the Constellation Draco as it wraps annually around the Celestial Pole. This can also be seen as the Orobourus Snake in Theosophy. The Intersection of these pyramid shafts can also be seen (I believe) in the Hopi Indian petroglyph called “Prophecy Rock” where the split separates the Initiated from Un-initiated; Comet ISON is in my opinion the likely candidate for the Hopi Blue Star which heralds the arrival of Red Kachina (Esau=Edom=Red) who removes his Mask before the Un-initiated; call Red Kachina “al-Mahdi” or “Antichrist” if you like. Biblically, Joseph (Israel) is at the Altar (Initiated); Gentiles are on the Porch (Un-initiated). I cannot stress enough Stay on the Porch!! The Mark of this Beast is real! The Hopi aka Welsh Gypsies continuing the Solar Cult of ancient Egypt correctly forecasted the arrival of White Men, Railroads, Interstate Highways and Jet Travel complete with Chemtrails described as Spider Webs; their prediction at Prophecy Rock will in all likelihood, come true as well. The Mask of Red Kachina is the Dominion prophesied by Isaac in Genesis 27:40 (King James Version). Think modern day Israel, the Six Pointed Star or Hanukkah are Jewish? Guess again; how about Edomite. More proof?


  • craig wolfe says:

    america’s cup(o’ wrath?) catamaran “artimise”sinks one dead

  • craig wolfe says:

    lots of symbols w/ that story. sanfrancisco bay/ golden gate. the specs on the boat are symbolic ,131′carbon mast 13 mirrored and length 72′ crew 11 plus one guest. bart simpson died, olympic/zeus gold medalist.

  • Howard says:

    Update on Project 911. Conti Corp Federal Services got the bid with a must complete date 900 days from 2/13/13 “Valentine’s Eve” so Aug 2, 2015 looks like the completion date instead of Hanukkah 2014.
    I feel this site is worth keeping an eye on; especially with what Beit Shemesh means and what the city has been in Scripture.

  • craig wolfe says:

    this co is like haliburton with it’s ties to the fed gov. they got some sweet contracts in new Orleans, hurricane prevention. new jersey as well. very influential lobbyist. lots of superfund contracts as well. seems to me the people causing the problems are the same one’s billing us.

  • Howard says:

    The Great Pyramid incorporates
    The Circumference of the Earth both Polar and Equatorial.
    A Mercatur Projection (Spherical to Flat Map)
    Phi, the Ratio of Life.
    3-4-5 Pythagorean Right Triangle
    Diameters at increasing Latitude
    Squaring a Circle
    Cubing a Shphere
    Earth Rotational Velocity
    Solar Year versus Siderial (Star) Year
    Axis Precession

  • craig wolfe says:

    is this the smoke and mirrors? fibonacci?

  • United Nations Treaty Collection says:

    Outstanding. I agree.

  • Howard says:

    Etemenaki “Temple of Sky and Earth” was the name of the Zigurat to Marduk in Babylon
    This site claims Comet ISON will finish the Tower.. Rev 18? No way!
    Comet ISON seems more likely a candidate for the 3rd Trumpet “Wormwood”.
    The similarities to Newton’s Comet of 1680 seen in the reign of Charles II and a restoration of the Jacobite Monarchy with Prince William seems a smokescreen to cover Prince Michael Stuart. Both of thee men are illegitimate Stuarts from what I can tell.
    Any thoughts from anyone?

  • Howard says:

    Here is a link McClatchy News posted .Site 911 a separate $100 Million estimated facility, paid by US taxpayers, has Mezuzah’s over4 every door. It is near but different from the Sdot Micha missile base near Israel’s Jerisho 3 Nuclear Missile Base. This will be for launching Arrow 3 ICBM interceptors.
    It appears the US is financing a base which will be used to protect Israel from Rev 9:11 “Apollyon”.

  • Gerson Hernandez says:

    The spiderwebs that the hOPI predicted aren’t chemtrails, they are the technologicaL era…

    telephone lines

  • Chris says:

    Your article seems well researched. I found most of this very intriguing. I am somewhat confused on why you tried to convey a idea discrediting the Mormon faith. Some of your facts are not valid in this respect. It seems to display an ideology on why you don’t believe in Lds philosophy. You sound as if your compounding evidence based on a prior experience within the Lds community. I appreciate the factual evidence supporting your proposed idea. Thank You

    • Howard says:

      I Chris; I’m not jumping on Mormons; its just that ISON “Son of Joseph” and the Mormon Church claiming descent from Joseph line up. Mormons are taught they will save the Constitution and establish the Garden of Eden in Jackson MS when Chaos descends on America; Mitt Romney has been told he is “The one mighty and strong to usher in the 2nd Coming”; he expects Jesus in America as so many Mormons.
      I can go into books worth of details as to why Mormonism an the BOM are false doctrine, but I think it wise to just be aware and avoid the pitfall

  • Chris says:

    I would like to continue this conversation..Do you have an email we can share information at?

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