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Titanic was actually Olympic, one of 3 White Star Lines ships owned by JP Morgan. Titans were the pre-flood gods led by Cronus; Atlas and Prometheus are favorites of the Rockefeller. Jesus warned our enemies were in our own household (Mat 10:36); Cronus devoured his own children, generating the very prevalent post flood habit of human sacrifice (Babylon means Gate of Marduk/Molech) Olympians were the 12 post flood gods led by Zeus-Jupiter; you can see Cronus and Zeus play this ritual out in the new movie Wrath of the Titans. The 3rd ship Britannic was named after B’Rtith for “Covenant Men”. Covenant with whom? Constantine and the 2012 Solstice crowning of the Assyrian sun-god, going by several dozen names notably Shamash who currently occupies the center position on the Hanukkah Menorah.

The transition from moving a Tiller to turning a Wheel was confusing because Captain’s orders were backwards; HMS Hawke star boarded its tiller, instead of the wheel, hitting the Olympic near Southampton England on the starboard side. This wrecked Olympic’s starboard engine, center engine and likely bent the keel. The Naval Board of Inquiry exonerated the crew of the HMS Hawke making JP Morgan’s insurance claim dubious at best. 2 months of repairs later, Titanic left the Belfast shipyard as Olympic for a successful 25 year career while Olympic was readied for the April 10 fake “Maiden Voyage”, and was set up to be scuttled as Titanic on the Assyrian “Gayyasa” aka “Dawn”. Lusitania would suffer a similar fate in the failed attempt to goad the US into WWI.

JP Morgan also owned the Californian, which set out for the rendezvous on April 14 with another “Mystery Ship” which was apparently and unintentionally rammed by the Olympic wearing the Titanic name in the flat calm night because its lights were turned off; a large hole in the starboard bow and a “Shudder” as steel plates were ripped at the seams was felt as the Olympic (fake Titanic) sped away to avoid the hoax being revealed. Distress rockets fired by Olympic (fake Titanic) were not seen by the Californian while rockets fired by the “Mystery Ship” were. Rescue was a long way off.

You can see the Tiller/Wheel confusion played out in Jim Cameron’s Titanic movie and new money fleecing 3-D version; not sure about the mini-series, it’s hard for me to watch this nonsense. The orders given are correct for a Tiller controlled ship, but as EJ Smith arrives on the bridge he is told of the attempt to “Port Round” the iceberg; they were hit on the starboard side so this is wrong.

Cameron received his 33° Freemason title “Sovereign Worshipful Grand Master” for making the Titanic story believable; the proceeds finance Talmudic fake Jew Simcha Jacobovici and his attempts to make people believe Jesus and His family were buried and he has found the bones. Cameron’s Avatar centers on the Assyrian veneration of the World Tree which occultists plan to unveil on 12/21/2012. The 100th anniversary of JP Morgan’s mass murder coincides with the 8th day of Passover; Talmudic Rabbis borrowed the day from Tabernacles, Jesus’ real birthday. Aren’t they clever? NOT.

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